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Manchester now boasts 78 Construction Sites, the City is positively booming

·      Construction and building in Manchester, now bigger than Los Angeles and Chicago

·      Number of ‘under construction’ residential properties doubles in the last two years, to 14,480

The latest research by Deloitte has shown Manchester to be one of the top cities for construction, topping some of the biggest cities in the USA, including LA, Seattle and Chicago.

Every year a survey is conducted into construction sites and ongoing projects, to-date, the most recent survey indicated that in Manchester there are 14,480 new residential projects under way, 2,129 hotel accommodation rooms and a further 2,006,897 sq ft of new offices. 

Recent completed hotel projects include some huge household names, one has created 115 rooms, the second on Cross Street boasts 302 rooms and another in ‘Gateway House’ boasts 182 rooms showing just how much accommodation is now in demand.

A spokesperson for Deloitte real estate said recently, that if Manchester had been present in the ‘North American Crane Index’ which looks at current and ongoing developments, it would have beaten Seattle, LA and Chicago in terms of recent construction projects. 

He also went on to say that this would have seemed unbelievable in 2011, where construction was almost non-existent. Now when you look at Manchester you can see at least 78 separate construction sites underway.

The evidence shows that Manchester is booming and investment in the city has sky-rocketed. Manchester has recently been named the ‘top creative city’ as a £130.62 million construction investment has just topped the record. This figure does not do justice to the quality and Engineering innovation that we are seeing, including stunning waterside residential properties and skyscrapers with their own green spaces to welcome the next generation into the city.

The director of a leading recruitment agency in Manchester was very upbeat and optimistic stating that the upsurge in construction sites is a sign of even greater things to come. He said that one of the best things to come out of this, not only for Manchester but for the north of England as a whole, is the dramatic impact that it is having on the employment sector. We are seeing a ‘significant increase in the number of construction jobs available’ which is great news for Manchester and even greater news for the next generation.

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